Vertu enters new era with launch of Vertu Ti

Vertu enters new era with launch of Vertu Ti
12. Februar, 2013

Vertu, the world’s leading provider of luxury mobile phones, has launched VERTU TI, a new contemporary smartphone powered by Android. Based around a titanium case that has been used for its strength, elegance and low weight, VERTU TI also uses leather accents as well as the largest sapphire crystal screen ever engineered at 3.7 inches. The sapphire crystal renders the screen virtually scratch proof and it is tested to be four times stronger than other smart phones in terms of impact resistance. VERTU TI’s titanium case is around five times stronger than other smart phones, deforming less than 1mm when a 500NM force is applied.

The result is a phone that feels solid and beautifully crafted in the hand while offering unrivalled durability.

VERTU TI combines distinctive Vertu design cues, such as the ceramic pillow and exposed watch screws, with a clean overall aesthetic, the result of which is a product that conveys a timeless elegance.

VERTU TI is powered by Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which in combination with the devices 1.7 GHz processor makes for an intuitive, highly reactive and enjoyable experience. Other features include an 8MP rear camera with auto focus and twin LED flash, a 1.3MP front facing Skype compliant camera, 64GB internal memory and secure near field communication technology.

Another example of Vertu’s continued commitment to superior craftsmanship and engineering is VERTU TI’s audio ability. Its 11 x 15 mm rectangular drivers are acoustically integrated into the chassis to maximize frequency response and level. The result is an unrivalled symphonic sound from the phones own stereo speakers.

A new feature of VERTU TI is the Vertu key, which provides instant access to a curated world of benefits and services available via a global team of professionals available to customers wherever they may be, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. These services include Vertu Certainty, which helps protect the device, its data and, where necessary, the customer. Vertu Life - tailored information, articles and benefits - sits alongside Vertu’s famous Concierge Service.

Massimiliano Pogliani, Vertu’s Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, said, “VERTU TI is the most rounded product that we have ever designed. The new Android platform and elegant physical presence combined with Vertu’s renowned curated benefits and services deliver a unique and exceptional proposition.”

Vertu’s Head of Global Design, Ignacio Germade said, “VERTU TI is a pivotal product for Vertu. It is where the timelessness of Vertu design meets contemporary technological elements. Long-standing Vertu customers will appreciate the style, the weight and the materials while those yet to experience Vertu products will engage with the clean, elegant lines, superior feel and contemporary operation.”

“As Vertu continues to grow, we will develop a design language that will satisfy the large number of our customers that appreciate classic simplicity of ranges such as Signature, while reaching out to new customers with hand crafted, elegant designs and technology that engages and inspires.”

Vertu President and CEO, Perry Oosting said, “VERTU TI is our most significant product for a decade. Android 4.0 delivers a proven and intuitive environment for users while the design and craftsmanship of the handset remains uniquely Vertu. Vertu has pioneered and led the luxury mobile phone sector since we began in the late 90s and the great depth of our knowledge and experience can be seen in VERTU TI. There is nothing else like it.”

VERTU TI now means that our customers can leave the house in the morning with just this phone in their pocket or bag without the need for any other device.”

Each VERTU TI is handmade in England by a single craftsman at Vertu’s state-of-the-art headquarters in Hampshire. It is then signed by that craftsman on completion of a rigorous testing and detailing process before being shipped to buyers via one of over 500 stores around the world. Vertu’s global sales turnover rose for the third consecutive year in 2012, continuing a trend that has seen sales growth every year since 2002, barring only 2009. A strong product roadmap is in place to ensure that this trend continues over the coming years.

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