Introduction Dior into the world of luxury of a mobile telephony begins with Sapphire. It is a simple and clear signature of elegance and yet with over 70 different components, including an electroluminescent keyboard, AM OLED screen resolution, crystal sound and quad-band connectivity.

Dior phone collection

Dior phone touch is a real privilege for those who love Dior and luxury. A work of art and incredible expertise, in which tradition and technology have pulled off their bold gamble, it encapsulates Christian Dior’s heritage of luxury and expertise down to the tiniest detail. Elegant, intelligent and ultra-sophisticated, it is able to meet any desire for enhanced communication or information.

Dior phone touch collection
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Dior phone touch
— A pioneer in Haute Couture mobile phones, today Christian Dior is launching the new Dior phone: a compact, high-performance luxury touch telephone. Easy and intuitive navigation and the perfect measurements for slipping into even the smallest purse. With its world … more