Vertu presents its new smartphone Constellation Quest in Russia

Pashkov's House, Moscow
November 18, 2010

Vertu is the leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones and has now introduced the new smartphone Constellation Quest in Russia for the first time.

The festive premiere took place in Pashkov's House and was attended by a number of influential personalities. Among the guests were Vertu clients and fans of the brand, as well as prominent figures such as Tatjana Navka, Julia Dalakian, Nikas Safronov, Olessia Sudsilovski, Vasilij Zereteli, Irina Grineva and Vlad Lisovets.

The presentation in the Russian capital was also attended by the top managers at Vertu: Perri Oosting, president of the company, Chattsch Chattschisson, chief engineer and creative director of Vertu, and Mark Isatt, director of Vertu Service Development.

The smartphone Vertu Constellation Quest combines consummate design, modern technology and unique service. The superb interior of the traditional house provided the appropriate luxurious atmosphere and underscored the exclusive status of the Vertu brand. Contrasting with this was the ultra modern installation of screens and video projections, symbolising the company’s orientation around continual development and perfection – hand in hand with state of the art technology.

The interior of the house was divided into four themed zones. In the first, the guest were plunged into an atmosphere of chaos – standing for the over-saturation with information in the modern world. The second was the territory dedicated to the Vertu Constellation Quest and contrasted strongly with the first zone, as it mirrored the company’s guiding principle – Life Beautifully Arranged. This zone contained nothing superfluous, just comfort and tranquillity, accompanied by an advertising film about the new telephone shown on a huge screen.

In the “Concierge” zone the guests were treated to numerous delights: a 9-metre long bar, gourmet dishes and select drinks, comfortable sofas and display tables with the new models of the Vertu Quest. In the last zone, entitled “City Brief”, films about the largest capital cities in the world were shown on screens throughout the whole evening, demonstrating how the worldwide Vertu Service operates. Everything about the presentation was geared towards enabling the guests to become immersed in the unique aura of the Vertu brand.

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