Dior phone touch

Dior phone touch
September 2, 2011

A pioneer in Haute Couture mobile phones, today Christian Dior is launching the new Dior phone: a compact, high-performance luxury touch telephone. Easy and intuitive navigation and the perfect measurements for slipping into even the smallest purse. With its world of pictures and sounds, the new Dior phone is a marvel of elegance and highly sophisticated, expert craftsmanship.

A real work of art, a reflection of the Dior spirit

“I wanted to be an architect,” said Monsieur Dior. He was one. The architect of the New Look, the silhouette that revolutionized his age. Today the Dior phone is a real architectural gem, with complex and intelligent constructions: 99 pieces assembled by hand in a French workshop where the finest and most precious materials – sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl – combine with the subtleties of inlaid work and fine jewelry. A technical feat on a par with the Dior caning motif chiseled in the signature sapphire crystal to produce an incredibly luminous effect. Caning, one of the house’s famous codes, is reminiscent of the Napoleon III chairs on which Monsieur Dior’s clients sat during his first show in 1947.

Dior phone touch encapsulates Christian Dior’s heritage of luxury and expertise down to the tiniest detail. It is adorned in sapphire crystal in the couturier’s cult colors: Glamorous Black, Dazzling Red, Pure White, and Shanghai Blue. Another of the brand’s hallmarks, the Dior oval becomes animated each time a number is dialed. An exceptional object of this kind needed a fitting setting: the case for the new Dior phone is made of supple leather, topstitched with the caning motif in a nod to Dior fine leather goods.

Icons, sound effects… the Dior universe comes to life

Dior phone touch takes you wherever the Dior spirit blows. Browse the menus and applications to discover the House of Dior’s world and the unique atmosphere of 30 Avenue Montaigne; a moving stroll through history and time, from the fifties of Monsieur Dior to the present day. Even the Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Blogger icons are surrounded by a thin white line like the street nameplates in Paris.

Each function has a surprise in store. Camera, video, gallery, animations: each icon immortalizes on Polaroid a moment in Monsieur Dior’s life. The creative studio, fitting sessions, the backstage buzz: a journey into the legend and magic of the collections. Everything is symbolic, even the sound effects. Each ringtone and touch tone has been exclusively composed by an audio designer. The titles and the rhythms have been designed to evoke the spirit of Dior. Muguet, New Look, Tapis Rouge, Montaigne… an immersion in the very essence of the House of Dior and its legendary years. Dior phone touch is a real privilege for those who love Dior and luxury.

A gem in the palm of your hand, an alter ego

103.1 x 50.3 x 12.2 mm, 137 grams: the compact new Dior phone has the perfect measurements for nestling in the palm of a woman’s hand. Elegant, intelligent and ultra-sophisticated, it is able to meet any desire for enhanced communication or information: what’s the latest on the stock market? What’s the weather going to be like? A Paris-Shanghai return trip? A work of art and incredible expertise, in which tradition and technology have pulled off their bold gamble…

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