Maison Versace debuts a Bespoke service for Versace Unique

Maison Versace debuts a Bespoke service for Versace Unique
April 15, 2011

Made-to-measure customization, down to the finest and most personal material details, allows dedicated clients to craft their Versace Unique to the specifications of their unique desires.

Available in the most exclusive Versace boutiques worldwide from Spring 2011, the concept seamlessly blends the tradition of Haute Couture craftsmanship and the future of luxury mobile technology. With an extensive proposition of leathers and materials such as 18 carat gold, high-tech ceramic, lacquer and diamonds – as well as monogrammed engraving on the rear camera plate – a Bespoke Versace Unique brings the hands of artisans to work exclusively for one product, for one personality, altogether in one standard of peerless quality.

The Luxury of Choice

In-the-know and VIP clients tend to demand only the best in personalized service.
The Versace Unique Bespoke caters to these aesthetes, who embrace their own desires, and who are also open to temptation. The privilege of personal choice is a truly unique experience.

The creation of Bespoke Versace Unique touch screen begins with a conversation. A dedicated portfolio book guides the conversation between the Versace representative and the client, providing an overview of the steps involved in the personalization process. This handmade black portfolio features a smooth outer encasing and is lined with Odeon cloth in the interior that reveals Versace sensuality. From the very first page, the stamped Versace logo appears along with the iconic Medusa, that in further pages lead to an example of Donatella Versace’s very own design for herself – an introduction to what lies ahead for clients seeking a product uniquely their own.

The portfolio presents the complete collection of noble materials and refined finishings available for customizing the external components of the Versace Unique. It features a novel removable plate to display the samples, so that clients can touch and experience the material choices.

It is as if one were at Maison Versace, behind the scenes at the design table, one step away from the process of creation.

The Personalized Touch

A Bespoke Versace Unique touch screen mobile phone stands alone from every other model in the world.
Its style will be entirely exclusive, entirely unique: among 1000 possibilities to create your own mobile phone.

Choice begins with the battery and antenna cover in selected leather, the ultimate natural medium for expressing character. Versace has partnered with l’Atelier du Bracelet Parisien, an artisan leather strap workshop in Paris, France, that is a true Parisian secret; just steps away from Rue Saint-Honoré.

A choice of 40 exotic skins from python to ostrich and stingray along with those already in the Versace Unique collection such as alligator and lizard. An even further expansion of options is available upon request. The special tanning techniques embellish each colour, texture and finish with a rich purity, brilliance and nuance.

The front frame and bottom bar are the face of Versace Unique, and this material echoes also on the rear camera plate and loudspeaker. Seven customization options include pure stainless steel, rose gold or yellow gold plated, black or brown PVD treatment on stainless steel, and a light or full set of inlaid diamonds or pink sapphire in various stones and settings for a true jewellery piece. A light setting imbeds 120 diamonds while a full set features 1130 diamonds paved into the stainless steel housing.

The front inserts into the main frame that surround the smoked crystal 60 carat touch screen express more subtle dimensions of character in either majestic gold, modernist lacquer, or authentic ceramic.

Ceramic in black and white as well as lacquer in six colours are already modelled in the current collection.
A further 15 different colours are on offer to perfectly match the inserts to the chosen leather colour, if desired. Upon request, the customer can develop its own lacquer colour or choose other skins to make the phone even more unique. Solid 18-carat gold inserts are also available in pink gold or yellow gold for a stunning effect.

For the final note of personalization, extensive engraving options make let clients literally make their mark on the rear camera plate, that matches the front frame housing, loud speaker and bottom bar in either gold plated stainless steel, pure gold, PVD finish, stainless steel, and a light or full diamonds setting.

And with extreme precision, two or three initials or full names in two types of calligraphy are laser-etched into the rear plates, with the possibilities of Chinese, Russian and Arabic alphabet.

Bespoke customization of Versace Unique gets even closer to the heart of what it is to be utterly unique.

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