Vertu presents Constellation. The most exquisite touch.

Vertu presents Constellation. The most exquisite touch.
October 18, 2011

Vertu, the market leader in luxury mobile phones, has unveiled its latest smartphone, Constellation. Created to seamlessly complement and enhance a discerning lifestyle, the Constellation touchscreen model strikes the perfect balance between an unparalleled art of craftsmanship and modern technology offering an unrivalled range of category leading exclusive services.

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu said, “Vertu is delighted to present the launch of its latest smartphone, Constellation. Vertu has as always applied its values of an authentic, tailored, luxury experience to our latest smartphone, creating a touch screen handset that is as functional as it is beautiful. At Vertu we are continually recognising the needs of our customers through the development of Vertu Concierge. This is showcased through an exclusive range of carefully curated apps to ensure that the Vertu exclusive services and information are at your fingertips more than ever before.”

Vertu prides itself on being a pioneer of delivering relevant, tailored luxury information and services direct to a mobile handset through Vertu Concierge and continues to expand this proposition to deliver an unparalleled customer service.

Registering a Vertu handset provides access to an array of exclusive services designed to ensure that a Vertu owners life is beautifully arranged. At the heart of these exclusive services is the independent concierge service, designed to meet the needs of Vertu’s discerning customers. Vertu owners will receive expert assistance, recommendations and priority bookings around the clock. Vertu Concierge can arrange anything from bespoke gifts to money-can’t-buy events and experience and are 100% committed to fulfilling a Vertu owner’s every request.

Vertu Concierge can be accessed via a dedicated key on the handset, which when pressed displays options for Vertu Concierge or Vertu Technical Assistance and also whether the user would prefer contact by email or voice call for technical assistance; the phone numbers and email addresses of these services are preloaded. With global experts based in city hubs around the world, Vertu Concierge provides dedicated and independent lifestyle assistance, 24 hours a day, worldwide, in eight widely spoken languages.

Building on the exclusive services offered by Vertu is the effortless and intuitive navigation experience, enhanced by a range of carefully curated apps to ensure that the Vertu exclusive services and information are at the customer’s disposal in an instant. The Concierge Live app conveniently displays a real-time status update of customers requests to guarantee absolute peace of mind.

Vertu has also established unique relationships with a number of world class partners to provide Vertu owners with exclusive services, expertises and access:

Identifying the demanding business travel schedules of Vertu owners, a generous global network of private members’ lifestyle and business clubs have been created for customer’s complementary use. Each a force in its own city, together an unbeatable benefit for use around the world.

These specially selected clubs take a full service approach to their members – all offering an array of excellent bars, dining and business facilities with meeting rooms and other essentials.

Club access allows use of a particular club at least once a year on a complimentary basis, often more. With this network, customers have the privilege to extend the same invitation to a guest of their choice.

Vertu has extensive knowledge and relationships around the world to specially select the clubs which are most relevant to the needs of our customers - that means correct location, excellent service and facilities.

The collection of clubs will be continually enhanced while the app will always encompass the most updated list. Vertu Concierge can also provide its customers with information on the club most appropriate for their needs and make the reservation when ready.

As a Vertu owner, direct access is also given to Berry Brothers and Rudd, Britain’s most well established and respected wine and spirit merchant, who provide an experienced team of fine wine advisors, each offering a personal service, offering quality advice and assistance. In essence, customers will have the ultimate Sommelier at the touch of a button.

Berrys’ are well renowned for hosting the best tasting and educational events on the wine calendar, often with representatives of some of the finest winery’s in France as guest presenters. As an exclusive to Vertu owners, Berrys’ will be hosting additional dates to these highly sought - after events in the UK, Asia and the USA.

As another exclusive, Berrys' can also offer first refusal on some unique collectable products such as Jeroboam and Imperial bottles from top producers around the world. Vertu owners can also avail of the exclusive ‘Identify a Bottle’ feature to photograph any wine bottle label and send it directly to the Berry Bros & Rudd’s fine wine team whereby based on the instruction given can reply with tasting notes, purchasing advice or alternatives which may be of interest.

Further tailor made services and apps are also on offer for Vertu owners such as that by Protector Services Group who are devoted security specialists dedicated to every Vertu owner’s personal safety while offering exclusive services such as personal and corporate risk management, asset protection and recovery, wealth preservation and personal security. As a Vertu owner you have unlimited, and in some areas exclusive high level access to PSG’s expert consultants dedicated to providing you with best in class services and support based upon your desire for comfort, safety and security.

Vertu City Brief is a global digest of information, recommendations and protocol in 200 key city destinations worldwide. Having grown in strength since its launch in September 2009, it is independently written and updated by Vertu experts in their respective fields showcasing the finest restaurants, hidden gems and the latest places to be seen on arrival in a new city. Vertu City Brief is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Russian and simplified Chinese.

Vertu Select is the on-device window into a rich collection of highly curated original content and opportunities, designed to inspire and entertain the Vertu customer. This perfect blend of global and regional relevance is available in eight languages. Everything is independently sourced for Vertu, by Vertu, ensuring that customers receive the very best information, directly to the Constellation handset. Opportunities are then made a reality by contacting Vertu Concierge.

Constellation performs on all levels, not only in terms of material performance and unparalleled customer services but also in terms of its technical specification. Constellation is a truly global product with quad band GSM, penta band WCDMA, HSDPA coverage. Combined with hi-speed WLAN, Constellation keeps the user connected wherever they are in the world. User memory is 32GB of fixed user memory ensuring plenty of storage for documents and images while on the move.

Constellation features a 3.5” nHD brilliant, high contrast AMOLED display for clarity of viewing; the handset also offers a 3.5mm audio/video socket for larger viewing of films, images, presentations and emails. Other technical specifications include Bluetooth with A2DP, an FM radio, free global maps and navigation by Assisted GPS with Accelerometer and Digital Compass.

Constellation also offers access to personal, business and Vertu email, Office attachment viewers such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint; blogging, social networking clients, web browser, photo and video editor as well as swype predictive text.

Elegant simplicity is at the core of its design ethos. Each Constellation is hand made by a single craftsman using only the most state of the art technologies and manufacturing techniques, emphasising Vertu’s continued commitment to quality assurance. High performance materials are used in the curation of this product, such as a single piece of flawless 3.5” HD multi-touch sapphire crystal for the screen, an 8 megapixel camera with an intricate ruby surround on the shutter key, polished ceramic pillow, surgical grade stainless steel with satin and polished finish, highest quality leather on the back plate of the phone as well as Vertu’s unique high fidelity sound system.

With Vertu’s Constellation, a door is opened to a world of exclusive privilege to discover a life beautifully arranged.

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