Vertu Services

Vertu Services
April 13, 2011

The services that Vertu offers are unique, independent and carefully tailored to the specific needs and desires of each Vertu customer. Every service is integrated into the Vertu handset. At the heart of each of the services is Vertu Concierge, ensuring that Vertu is able to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers seamlessly.

Vertu Concierge

Offering luxury lifestyle assistance and enrichment, Vertu Concierge is an independent, tailored service, delivered directly to the customer’s handset. The service is accessed via a dedicated key on the phone, offering contact by voice call or email.

When a customer registers a Vertu handset, activating the Vertu Concierge service, they are offered an optional initial ‘fitting’ call. Whether this takes place immediately at the time of purchase, or at a time of the customer’s choosing, the fitting call is an opportunity to explain, in full, the Vertu Concierge service offering and to match the different Vertu Concierge options to the needs of the customer. This includes the establishment of individual preferences, the scope of the service they would prefer and importantly, the type of contact they wish to receive from Vertu.

Vertu Concierge offers the customer three different options for lifestyle assistance depending on a customer’s expected frequency of use. Vertu Concierge will suggest the service type best suited to that customer’s needs. Across all three of these services, Vertu Concierge’s core offering is its unparalleled ability to respond to a customer’s needs and offer appropriate experiences and opportunities.

The Vertu Concierge Classic service provides the customer with round the clock access to a team of lifestyle managers, situated within a network of global hubs covering all the major time zones including London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Vertu Concierge also has managers on the ground in major destinations in order to build close relationships with specialist suppliers of goods and services specifically for Vertu customers. Their knowledge and insight into the locality ensure that they are able to offer the most up to date information about a customer’s chosen destination. Their expertise is shared with every Vertu Concierge Lifestyle Manager.

Many customers choose to use Vertu Concierge for their travel and accommodation requirements as Vertu has secured exclusive opportunities for its customers. Being entirely independent, Vertu Concierge can access the widest network of hotels, restaurants and airlines, and can therefore meet the exact preferences and expectations of their clients.

Vertu Concierge customers may also require assistance with purchases ranging from small luxury items to additions to their property portfolio. Vertu Concierge can draw upon appropriate experts in their fields to guide and support the customer thorough every step of the buying process or provide ideas and recommendations if needed, through to purchase and delivery. The dedicated retail team at Vertu Concierge ensures nothing is left to chance.

In addition to the classic level of Vertu Concierge, if more frequent use is anticipated a further service will provide the customer with a dedicated lifestyle manager. This dedicated manager, supported by a couple of adjacent colleagues, is able to more closely understand and proactively anticipate an individual’s potential needs and requirements, through an evolving, direct, one-to-one relationship.

Vertu Concierge is also pleased to offer a bespoke solution for the customer who uses the service on a multiple basis daily and has very exacting requirements for lifestyle management. Called Vertu Concierge Ultimate, this service is tailored to each customer and may range from assistance with a one off project to provision of a full time personal assistant for a designated period of time.

Providing dedicated and independent lifestyle assistance, 24 hours a day, worldwide, Vertu Concierge is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. Vertu Classic Concierge is included free of charge for one year from the date of purchase of a Vertu handset.

Vertu City Brief

Vertu City Brief is a highly curated and independent global digest of information covering more than 200 cities and destinations worldwide. Launched in September 2009, it is now one of Vertu’s most utilised services. Independently written for Vertu by experts in their respective fields, Vertu City Brief is available on Vertu handsets in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Refreshed and updated on a regular basis, Vertu City Brief allows the user to hit the ground running on arrival in an unfamiliar territory or to explore new or exciting opportunities in their home town. Fully integrated with Vertu Concierge, bookings at the suggested restaurants or events can be made by via the dedicated concierge button on the customer’s Vertu handset.

The information for each destination within Vertu City Brief is split into the following categories: Protocol; The Knowledge; What’s On; Eat and Meet; Spend; Editor’s Choice. Within each category there will be recommendations for different occasions; for example should a customer be in New York for the day and require a dinner reservation, Vertu City Brief will offer a suggestion for dinner with friends and also dinner with clients. The Protocol category offers suggestions to make the customer feel in tune with their new location such as local greeting customs, preferred ways to travel and advice on tipping. Current exhibitions running at art galleries are updated as are new store openings and dates of local events.

If the customer does not see anything which exactly meets their requirements, Vertu City Brief is the perfect inspiration to begin a conversation with a Vertu Concierge Lifestyle Manager.

Vertu Select

Vertu Select delivers original articles selected to inspire, inform and entertain based on a user’s region, preferences and passions. Written by carefully selected global journalists, experts and organizations, the articles appear via the handsets RSS feed once a customer has registered their phone. Every article is independently sourced for Vertu, by Vertu, ensuring that customers receive the very best information, directly to the handset. Vertu Select is also the channel through which users receive information about unique opportunities and experiences, relevant to their location, which can then be activated via the Vertu Concierge service. Vertu Select is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Introduced with the launch of Constellation Quest in October 2010, is a service that provides the user with a Vertu email account and effortless harmonisation of the device’s lifestyle and business tools. Should the customer choose, the user’s emails, contacts, calendar and task information can be automatically synchronised with Vertu’s secure servers, giving the benefit of protected back up of their data.

Vertu offers the consumer complete peace of mind. Should the handset be lost, this data can be retrieved and seamlessly downloaded to a replacement phone. The system also ensures that whenever the account is accessed, whether from the phone, a home or office computer (PC and Mac) or via the web, this information is up to date.

Vertu Remote Assist

Currently available with Constellation Quest, Vertu Remote Assist is dedicated to providing technical assistance 24 hours a day and is a unique offering in the mobile phone market. Should a customer not be able to resolve an issue with a Constellation Quest handset via instruction from Vertu’s technical support team, with the user’s consent, a technician can remotely access the phone in order to resolve any technical or set up queries.

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